Vaginitis - Homeopathic Remedies

Guna Remedies for Vaginitis

  • NATUR 1 (1 ovule morning and evening for the first 15 days. Continue with 1 ovule in the evening for further 45 days) -
  • GUNA- REACT (3 pellets every 15 minutes in the acute phase; continue with 3 pellets 3 times a day for 30-60 days)
  • GUNA-LYMPHO (10 drops 3 times a day for 30-60 days) 
  • GUNA-FEM (10 drops 3 times a day for 30-60 days)

Heel Remedies for Vaginitis

possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily.

  • Traumeel S ointment to be introduced once to twice daily into the vagina with an applicator to make it easier.

Heel Ampoules Therapy

possibly also

alternating or mixed

possibly also

as well as

Externally Apply

Traumeel Ointment to the stomach and Vagina

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