Recurrent Viral Infections - Homeopathic Remedies


Homeopathic Remedies for Recurrent Viral Infections.

The common treatment of continuing to use stronger and stronger allopathic drugs is a grave mistake.

Here are the Remedies for Recurrent Viral Infections


What does the above do?

Stimulation of organelle (specialized subunit within a cell) functions.

Stimulation of detoxification.

Activation of Mesenchymal cleansing. (Mesenchyme is a type of tissue characterized by loosely associated cells that lack polarity and are surrounded by a large extracellular matrix.)

Anti-inflammatory effect.

Neutralization of toxins & recovery of functions & which have caused blockages,

Neutralization of allopathic iatrogenic damage.

Additional Remedies if Needed

 My advice on the above is do not try and skimp on these remedies. They are all needed. The mistake is to try and reduce the treatment.

If this s a health problem you  have you need to treat it appropriately and with respect.


A good diet s always of course very importance.

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Keep in your memory bank the feeling of what it feels to feel well - and work with the above to achieve this goal.




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