Coughs - Heel & Guna Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs

Guna Remedies for Coughs

Additional Guna Remedies

  • Guna-Cough + Guna-Flu: dry or productive cough during influential attack, especially in children.
  • Guna-Cough + Citomix: cough in patients affected by recurrent forms of immune deficit catarrhal bronchitis, especially in children.
  • Guna-Cough + Eubioflor: persistent cough in immune-deficient patients suffering from intestinal dysbiosis.

Heel Remedies for Coughs

  • Bronchalis - To Loosen Cough, For the temporary relief of coughs associated with bronchitis:Flu Coughs Chronic Coughs Smoker's Cough    
  • Tartephedreel - Bronchospasm, Exporations, Catarrh on Chest  

  • Droperteel - Congestive Cough, spasmodic Cough  

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