Grass Allergies / Hayfever - Homeopathic Remedies


Introduction on Treatment

When you are treating  Grass Allergies and Hayfever with Homeopathic Remedies you treat:-


  • The Immediate symptoms.
  • Then Strengthening the bodies own immune system.
  • And Remove the build up of toxic wastes which are interfering with the Immune System.

Dr. Recekeweg Remedies for Grass / Hayfever

Guna Remedies for Grass / Hayfever

  • Guna-Allergy-Prev + Guna-Matrix: preventive treatment of allergies, particularly indicated for patients previously treated with corticosteroids and/or antihistamines.

    Heel Remedies for Grass / Hayfever Allergy

    The main remedies for Hayfever are the following:-

    Possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily.

    During An Attack

    During the period of an attack, Luffa comp Heel Nasal Spray 3-5 times daily & Luffa compositum Heel tablets

    & Nasoheel Drops and Traumeel Tablets in frequent (1/2 hourly to hourly) dosages.

    In Addition:-

    And these 2 remedies as intermediary remedies:-

    Heel Ampoules

    In Addition:-


                Before the period of the attack you can take:-

                •  Engystol - Support of the Immune System

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