Top 10 Remedies to Keep at Home

Just about everyone knows about Traumeel.

Traumeel is our flagship.

But if you are only using and buying Traumeel you are doing yourselves a great dis-service.

The human body is a highly tuned engine.

Every living being is its own athlete and it needs to be taken care of.

If this is done it will give so much back to you, in performance and in ability.

And it will be able to perform truly remarkably for you all your life.

When you have an ailment however small - it is significant. Do not ignore symptoms.

Become aware of small issues and treat them accordingly.

Do Not Ignore then if you love life.    


Because if you love life you need to be 100% on form to live life.

So take your health very seriously and if something is not quite right go hammer and tongs at getting it better.

List of 10 Remedies to Always Keep in Stock

Here are a list 10 remedies I would recommend you always keep in stock at home:-

  • Gripp Heel - Immune System, colds, flu, run down etc.
  • Engystol -Immune System, colds, flu, run down etc.

The more you learn to use these remedies the more you will begin to see the extent of what they can do for any and every health problem.

Do not underestimate what they can do if used correctly.

Learn how to use them and you will add years of health to your life, your horses and your pets.

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