Headaches - Homeopatihc Remedies for Headaches Due to Studying


Here is a recent case history outlining the particular Heel Remedies we have very successful used for a young girl suffering from Headaches due to Studying:-

Severe Headaches due to her work.


She is young - 23 years and in excellent health.

By this I mean she is fit, carries no excess weight, works out and has an outstanding diet and loves life and her work.
However due to the nature of her work she has been troubled by very bad headaches.

Here is a summary:-

I often get concentration headaches, which come after a lot of web-coding / design work, or complicated issues which need great focus and can get intense.

It helped but she was still experiencing headaches although they had been helped by the Spigeleon headache remedy.

Additional Heel Remedies

So we then added:-

  • Bryonia-Injeel Ampoules:-  which is for splitting headaches, also unbearable twinges making it necessary to press the head with the hand, e.g. in meningeal reactions

Adding these to the original Spigeleon made a huge difference.


They have made such a difference - now I don’t have to lie down and close my eyes / sleep off a headache,

I only need take these remedies and I’m good to go — I’ve also noticed that my headaches are not only much less severe but they are gradually going completely.

I don’t get as many headache signs now that I’ve been taking these remedies for some time.

If I feel myself getting the first sign of a headache, I take these remedies and the headache symptoms disappear and the headaches don’t come-on.

The lesson

here is that although Spigeleon is an outstanding headache remedy it did not work for her because the problem was too deep rooted.
These remedies have changed dramatically here ability to be able to work without pain.

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