Traumeel - 7+ Reasons to Use Traumeel

Most of you will know of Traumeel and will have used it. However the depth as to what this remedy can do is worth being reminded of.

People often will use Traumeel as a last effort to get better - but once they have the knowledge of how effective it is they start using it as a first choice rather than last option.

Only yesterday we were yet again contacted by an Acupuncturist in America who said:-

   "There is no remedy that in his experience comes even close to competing with what Traumeel can do."

The reason being Traumeel has so many qualities.

7+ Reasons to Use Traumeel Today

Here is a condensed summary for you and some dosage guidelines:-
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiviral
  • Improvement of the vasotonia rendering the vessels impervious (not able to leak)
  • Elimination of venous stasis and anti-thrombotic effect as well as haemostasis, together, with normalization of the prothrombin level.
  • Support and improvement of the cellular respiration and oxidation process so essential for healing.
  • Stimulation of the main bodies defense system
  • Stimulation of wound healing and shock control by means of phytotherapeutic agents.
  • Formation of “pus bonum et laudabile” (good and commendable pus).
  • Analgesic
  • Haemostasis (stops bleeding) – rendering vessels impervious.

Principal Effects of Traumeel

Here is a condensed summary of what Traumeel can do:-


Regenerative – eg. Arthrosis, fractures, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), styloiditis radii, tendovaginitis are just a very few examples.


Anti-exudative - Swelling of the soft tissues, traumatic, post-operative, commotio cerebri, arthrosis (with and without irritating discharge), effusions into a joint, spontaneous, traumatic, post- operative; haematomas in the joints (traumatic haemarthrosis), haematomas in the soft tissues, tendovaginitis, bursitis praepatellaris, otitis media.



Dosage Suggestions

The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the clinical picture and the stage of the illness. However, here are the common recommendations for most humans and animals.

Traumeel Drops: 10 drops directly on the tongue 3 times daily; for swelling of the soft tissues, 30 drops 3 times daily.

Traumeel Tablets: 1 tablet dissolved on the tongue 3 times daily; at the start of the therapy, possibly 1 tablet every 1/2 hour for 1-2 days.

Traumeel Ointment: To be rubbed in several times daily (as sport or massage ointment) or spread on.

Traumeel Ampoules: At first daily, later 1 ampoule 1-3 times weekly.

Traumeel Uses - Summary

To summaries - in simple English - it gets you better and helps repair all aspects of injury and inflammation. It should always be your first choice with any trauma, injury etc. 

A Traumeel Review:

In desperation with both hands at night becoming useless with excruciating shooting pains, in the wee hours of the morning, I cut a Traumeel tab in 1/2 and although already having taken a tiny tablet of aspirin as a minor blood thinner.
The pain, tingling and uselessness dulled enough for me to fall back asleep.And at almost 3 PM there is still no pain and the uselessness of both hands is gone..
Love it. Traumeel is the best. Helene P

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