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Heel Remedies Homeopathic Treatment Plan

Here is a very effective treatment plan that will cover a multitude of ailments.

You are working at micro-biological level with this treatment plan.
Such factors as:-
  • Emotional Stress
  • Environmental stress,
  • Incorrect diet,
  • side effects of allopathic medication (e.g., frequent application of antibiotics)
All the above leads to serious alteration of the bodies tissues and organs etc.
This unhealthy alteration may be treated with the aid of anti-homotoxic medicine.
The initial treatment plan which is a detoxification plan is outlined below:-
You can then take specific remedies later depending on what symptoms remain after this initial treatment plan has been taken.

Treatment Plan

Remedy no. 1 of microbiological therapy consists of:-


This Nux Vomica combination-preparation induces functional improvement within the region of the alimentary canal. div> >Remedy no. 2  equally important during detoxification therapy, is:- This remedy exerts a lymph-mobilizing, mesenchyme cleansing effect. Remedy no. 3 is:-


This is employed for activation of the detoxification functions of the liver,
Remedy no. 4  is:-
This is used to is promote renal elimination.
  • Water -
It is important to consume ample water during this treatment for the above treatment to function properly.
The adult female normally requires an intake of 2 liters of liquids daily, the corresponding quantity for adult males is 3 liters.
This amount may be increased to 4 to 5 liters per day during the course of detoxification therapy.

Then In Addition

Then in addition to the above you can select any of the remedies below depending on the symptoms:-
This is taken for activation of bodily defense-mechanisms in treatment of mucosal problems of the most varied types & areas. eg. (thick viscid yellowish - white secretions from mucous membranes.)
  • Traumeel S has proven its reliability for therapy of all forms of inflammatory disease, including those within the gastro-intestinal region.


is utilized in treatment of spastic conditions;


Once you have initiated the above treatment you can then add later specific remedies depending on symptoms remaining.
  • Duodenoheel, Gastricumeel, Hepeel and single-constituent homoeopathic medications.

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