Pneumonia - Homeopathic Remedies

Dr. Reckeweg Remedies for Pneumonia

  • R1 - Inflammation, fever, infection Acute bronchitis; cold/cough; hoarseness; laryngitis; tracheitis; lung abscess; pneumonia; rhintis; sinusitis; tonsillitis; tuberculosis
  • R6 - Influenza, colds, fever- Acute bronchitis; cold/cough; pleurisy; pleural effusion; pleuritis; pneumonia
  • R8 - Jut-U-Sin syrup — cough expectorant
  • R9 - Chest afflictions, bronchiectasis; acute and chronic bronchitis; cigarette smoking; cold/cough; emphysema; lung abscesses; pneumonia
  • R24 - Pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia, pneumonia - Pneumonia; intercostal neuralgia; lung abscess; pleurisy; pleural effusion; pleuritis; tuberculosis
  • R82 - Fungal infections, Candida albicans Fungal infection; pneumonia
  • R87 - Bacterial infection Pneumonia; tuberculosis
  • R88 - Viral infection Acute bronchitis; pneumonia
  • R93 - Immune system fortifier Inhalant allergies; acute bronchitis; fungal infection; pneumonia; tuberculosis

Guna Remedies for Pneumonia

  • GUNA FLU - this can be used as a preventative in addition.

Heel Remedies for Pneumonia

Main remedy: Bryaconeel

possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily.

Ampoule Therapy

possibly also

possibly also the

possibly also

  • Thyreoidea compositum (revitalizing effect through powerful stimulation of the hormonal and connective tissue functions),


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