5 Hidden Gems in Traumeel

5 Hidden Gems in Traumeel

The hidden gems of Traumeel -  you probably don't know about... or if you do... it's a great "re-find"...

Gem 1: Versatility of Subjects

Traumeel can be used on numerous complaints, and on all humans (children, infants, adults etc) and all types of animals. From dogs, cats, horses to camels... 

Gem 2: Longevity

The shelf-life of these remedies ranges from 3-5 years - so if you have a complaint today, and it heals up in a few days, don't worry about wasting your Traumeel - or it expiring. It lasts for years, and can be applied to all sorts of ailments. Even simple bruises, cuts, sprains etc.

Gem 3: Wide Range of Applications

Traumeel can be applied to so many different ailments, it's difficult to list all of the items, without totally boring you.

But it is used for the following: sprains, dislocations, contusions, effusions of blood, effusions into a joint, fractures, post-operative and post-traumatic oedema, including swelling of soft tissues. 

Traumeel is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic. It is excellent for post-operative pain - and all common ailments, injuries, including arthritis. It is also heavily used by athletes, horses, humans, greyhounds etc - for improved performance, without the worry of doping issues. 

Gem 4: Adminster with Ampoules 

Traumeel can be quickly administered via "Ampoules". It can be used for  humans, animals, horses, greyhounds etc. 

Gem 5: United Remedies supply, sell, ship, and educate on Traumeel + many of its supportive remedies.

Traumeel, like many of the Heel remedies (and there are a lot) are some of the most incredible remedies out there - many of whom can attest to. From Olympic physio's, to Olympic athletes, to international horse racing trainers & yards, to countless individuals, whose lives have been greatly improved due to this fabulous remedy. 

Traumeel is available on United Remedies, worldwide - we ship to over 40 countries every day.

The most popular "Traumeel" package, is a package combined with a few other excellent Heel remedies, take a look at it here: 


Additionally - take a look at:

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