Oculoheel for Asthenopia / Eye Strain Study

Introduction to Oculoheel Study

Experience of Application of Oculoheel ® In Correction of Asthenopia in Persons Whose Work Is Connected With Eyestrain

Reprint from Shalduga TG, Kapustnik VA, Poljakova LA. Ukrainian Biologicheskaya Terapiya 2004;1:41.


This is an investigation of clinical efficacy of the combination antihomotoxic preparation Oculoheel® (eye drops) in correction of asthenopia in persons whose work is connected with eyestrain.

20 patients (average age 42.5±1.2), with signs of asthenopia and a functional spasm of accommodation, were surveyed and treated.

For an estimation of a baseline condition of the eyes, assessment of visual function was carried out.

Patients complained of:-

  • a feeling of weakness,
  • fatigability at reading and at work at a close distance,
  • as well as a pain (which is “cutting” in character) in the eyes, forehead and around the eyes.
  • Deterioration of sight and the occurrence of double vision were also assessed.
  • Objectively, in the majority of these subjects, when assessed by visual analysis, a threshold of stability in achromatic vision, speed of visual perception, and accommodation were decreased.

Treatment / Dosage of Oculoheel

All patients received:-

  • Oculoheel® (eye drops) in a dosage of 1-2 drops in each eye 3 times daily up to achievement of a comfortable condition of eyes.

The estimation of effectiveness of therapy was assessed according to the clinical criteria, improvement of the general condition and restoration of productivity by patients, duration of treatment, occurrence of complications and tolerability of the preparation.


In all the subjects receiving Oculoheel® Eye Drops, by day 3-4 of treatment, eye pain had decreased, sight had improved and dilatation of the vessels' conjunctiva had disappeared.

All patients tolerated the given treatment very well and no adverse events were reported.

Thus, the research confirms a high therapeutic effectiveness of Oculoheel®.

The positive clinical effect of Oculoheel as assessed on subjective, and objective symptoms and signs, permits the recommendation of the given preparation for correction asthenopia and to prevent myopia in subjects who professionally are prone to long periods of eyestrain.

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