Surviving Winter; Without the Common Cold / Flu

Between Heel, Guna and Dr Reckeweg, there are countless remedies recommended for the Common Cold / Flu, for various types and various symptoms - there certainly isn't a shortage for helping adults and children overcome the illness, or prevent it from hitting you when you least expect it.

Here at United Remedies, we're lucky enough to get a lot of feedback from hands-on individuals, and top practices, medical practitioners and more.

One particular case which has stuck out, features below, on the Benefits of Euphorbium, in cases of all types of influenzal, and congestion.

Euphorbium for Winter - A Case History / Personal Account

I was recommended Euphorbium for my congestion, which would come in varying forms - ears / nose / blocked sinus / congested chest, throat area, and even swollen gums (due to very high glands).

The recommendation was to take Euphorbium continually, at a high dose for 2-3 months, all the time, even when my congestion had eased off and became less symptomatic. 

I would take Euphorbium Drops 10-12 times a day, and took it for 2-3 months. I carried on taking it as this high dose, even after my ears / nose / chest stopped feeling congested. 

What I didn't realise was.... there are levels of congestion -- I would take remedies, and specifically in the past, Euphorbium, when my ears were blocked, I had a thick cold etc, and as soon as the main symptoms eased off, and I could continue my daily routine without coughing and having blocked ears, I would stop taking it.

However what I noticed is, by continuing to take this remedy, is I found a new level of non-congestion. Originally I would take up in the mornings with a stuffy nose, or be told that I snored in the night, sneeze a lot, and have a very mild runny noseThis all stopped. Entirely. No stuffy mornings, no snoring, no need to blow my nose, none of it at all.

It helped me to realise that, all of these symptoms were a mild form of congestion, which I didn't classify as being ill. However in the time I've taken this remedy for an extension length of time, I've realised that these incredibly mild symptoms, lead to the dreaded common cold / flu, which can take 2-3 weeks to properly recover.

Since taking Euphorbium Drops 10-12 times a day, I haven't had a cold... no flu, in fact I haven't spent one day sick in bed from any common winter illness - and all of the separate issues I had; occasional snoring, blocked ears and blowing my nose in the changes of season... all disappeared.


United Remedies Conclusion

Euphorbium is highly rated for all types of influenza, which can be taken as a preventative, and during an illness. It comes in 3 forms - Euphorbium Drops, Euphorbium Nasal Spray and Euphorbium Ampoules.

The body and its airways are forever filtering germs, and polluted air and the body sometimes needs extra support clearing and filtering out these germs -- Euphorbium is a highly recommended to take frequently in winter months, and summer months if you're prone to Hay Fever / Allergic symptoms. 

If you do find yourself with the flu, or common cold / congested influenza symptoms, taking Euphorbium can help support the body's natural clearing processes and help to support the body's natural repellant. 


Euphorbium Drops

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