Guna Sinus Nose Spray


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Acute and chronic sinusitis (frontal, maxillary, ethmoidal); Catarrhal secretions liquefaction of para-nasal cavities. Post nasal drip; Frontal headache.


2 sprays in each nostril, 4-5 times a day over extended periods of time. In acute cases, 2 sprays in each nostril every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.

Package Size:

30 ml/1.0 fl. Oz. bottle

Most Common Combinations:

Guna-Sinus Nose Spray + Guna-Flam: acute sinusitis with fever.
Guna-Sinus Nose Spray+ Citomix: chronic sinusitis.
Guna-Sinus Nose Spray + Eubioflor: sinusitis of possible dysbiotic origin.
Guna-Sinus Nose Spray + Guna-Cough: dry cough due to post nasal drip.
Guna-Sinus Nose Spray + Guna-Rhino Nose Spray: rhinosinusitis.


Allium cepa 6X/8X/12X Althaea officinalis 2X Argentum nitricum 10X Ascorbic acid 2X
Black currant, Bark 1X
Common lungwort 2X
Cuprum metallicum 3X
Echinacea angustifolia 3X
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 6X/8X/12X Hydrastis canadensis 6X/8X/12X
Kali bichromicum 6X/8X/12X
Lachesis mutus 12X/30X/200X Manganum metallicum 3X
Mercurius sulphuratus ruber 6X/8X/12X Mucosa nasalis suis 6X/12X/30X Plantago major 2X
Pulsatilla 6X/8X/12X
Silicea 6X/8X/12X
Sinusitisinum 12X/30X
Thymus gland, Porcine 6X/12X/30X Urinary bladder, Porcine 10X/30X/200X

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