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Acidum Formicicum: Constitutional remedy for allergic diathesis, hay fever, bronchia asthma.

Aralia Racemosa: Organothropic effect on vagus, aqueous and nasal secretion, sneezing.

Histaminum Dochloricum: Redness of the conjunctiva, swelling and itching of the eyelid, tickling and itching in the nasal cavity, congestion in one or both nostrils, sneezing when breathing in the smallest particle of dust.

Luffa Operculata: sensitivity of the nasal mucous, dry nose with obstruction. 

Dosage: In general, 1-2 spray squirts, 3-5 times a day (1 spray squirt = 3.35 drops, or 0.1 ml) into each nostril. For children under 6, 1 spray squirt, 3-4 times a day.

Ingredients: Acidum formicicum D12, Aralia racemosa D6, Histaminum hydrochloricum D8, Luffa operculata D4.

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