Mala-tonin and Stress

The central nervous system regulates hormonal activity through the pineal gland, which in turn performs this function by means of melatonin secretion.

The main function of this neuro-hormone is to control the circadian rhythms, namely the connection between`;-

The endocrine functions and external environmental variations: the sleep and waking patterns, the alternation of the seasons, and daily changes in light and temperature.

Alteration of the circadian rhythms causes numerous disorders, such as:

  • -  disorders due to emotional problems, including serious forms of depression
  • -  immune deficiency resulting from psychosomatic illnesses
  • -  skin diseases of psychosomatic origin
  • -  appetite problems
  • -  immune system regulation problems (allergies, autoimmune disease)
  • -  sleep disorders
  • -  problems associated with puberty
  • -  a possible cancer-inducing effect.

These disorders often have very different symptoms, but their common denominator is:-

an imbalance between the rhythms of the body’s activity and external rhythms.

The Therapeutic Approach Must Involve:-

basic regulation of the patient’s biological rhythms, and melatonin, which acts at physiological level as a hormone chrono-regulator, can provide a good solution to the problem.

The Administration of High...

The administration of high concentrations of hormones is known to inhibit the activity of the corresponding secretory gland.

Thus homeopathic hormones which act as regulators of glandular activity by both stimulating and slowing it are regularly used in biological medicine.

Clinical findings in the treatment of various disorders, all associated with a state of biological dysregulation, confirm the regularising effect of melatonin at the homeopathic potency of 4 CH.


Mela-tonin 4 CH is suitable for association with biotherapeutic and homotoxicological treatments.

It is particularly useful in dealing rapidly with problems such as:

  • -  intestinal constipation
  • -  regulation of urinary disorders
  • -  appetite regulation
  • -  more relaxed sleep
  • -  stimulation of a state of mental exhaustion
  • - headaches associated with menstruation
  • -  improved relations with the outside world, with a definite reduction in stress induced by work and social life.


If suffering from stress, endogenous or exogenous depression,

Mela-tonin 4CH should be taken at the dose of 10 drops, 3 times a day,

and 10 drops at all the most difficult times of day.

One month’s treatment is needed to stabilize the results, which appear after just a few days’ treatment.

Dietetics /Bulimic Cases / Psorasis / Eczema

In dietetics, Mela-tonin 4CH is an effective appetite depressant for patients who need to follow a restricted diet.

Bulimic Cases - 10 drops before the main meals regularize bulimic crises.

Psoriasis / Neuro-dermatitis / Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Eczema:- 10 drops should be administered twice a day for a few months.

In the case of air travel involving jet lag, 10 drops of Mela-tonin 4 CH should be taken several times during the flight, and continued for approximately 2 days at the dose of 10 drops, 3 times a day.

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