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Indications: Myalgia after overstrain, diseases of the arterious and venous system.

The following is a summary of the important symptoms of Arnica:

  • Injuries of every kind, such as hemorrhages, injuries to the soft tissues, concussion, dislocations, contusions, fractures, subluxations and others.
  • Consequences of over-exertion, e.g. muscular ache, sportsman’s heart.
  • Everything seems too hard (the bed is too hard). General battered sensation.
  • Offensive eructations. Putrid smell from the mouth. Distension, with flatus smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen.
  • Battered feeling in the uterine area and inability to walk upright.
  • Coughing with chest pain. Child cries before the coughing paroxysm in whooping cough.
  • Septic states with a dark streak down the middle of the tongue, dusky-red face and episodes of restlessness, possibility of delirium.
  • Apoplexy. Ruptured blood-vessels. (Like Aconite, Arnica has a special action on the arterial circulatory system.)
  • Tendency to extremely painful boils, appearing one after the other.
  • Hoarseness of speakers and singers.
  • Neurodermititis and eczema on the forehead, cheeks and face, with itching.
    (In external application, Arnica may cause skin irritation.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to arnica; hypersensitivity to constituents of the ointment base.

Composition: 100 g cont.: Arnica montana Ø 10.0 g. Ointment base: hydrophilic ointment (DAB 10) cont.: emulsifying cetylstearyl alcohol, ethanol, purified water, liquid paraffin, soft white paraffin, preserved with 17.7 vol.-% alcohol.

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