Guna Dentotox 02 (Amalgam 2) - Drops


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Indications: Effective as a co-adjuvant for deep dechelation and detoxification from amalgam alloys.

It acts on the cell membrane at intercellular and intranuclear level.

It prevents the formation of miasms and also acts at constitutional level (take care not to give too high or too frequent a dose, and do not administer for too long).
It is also effective in the treatment of toxicity and disorders caused by mercury and amalgam fillings and other heavy metals.

It can also be used as a preparation for amalgam removal – it should only be administered once or twice in this case.

Dosage: 10 drops, twice a day.


Isopathic dilutions for detoxification:

Non-gamma amalgam D12, D15, D20, D30, D60, D100, D200

Homeopathic dilutions of mercury salts necessary for detoxification and drainage:

Mercurius solubilis D30, D60, D200 Mercurius corrosivus D30, D200, Mercurius Cyanatus D30, D200 Mercurius Iodatus flavus D30, D200, Mercurius Bijodatus D30, D200

Homeopathic dilutions for detoxification and drainage:

Luesinum CH15, D30, D200 – has a crossed reaction with mercury, Echinacea angustifolia Ø – has a protective action against mercury and is an immunostimulant, Myristica sebifera D3 – protective action against mercury, immunostimulant, Hydrastis D2 - protective action against mercury, immunostimulant, Hypericum Ø – regenerative action on the nervous system, Passiflora incarnata D3 - has a protective action against the formation of galvanic currents in the mouth, and regenerative action on the nervous system, Hepar sulphuris D12, D30 – antidote and homeonosode against mercury, Silicea D8, D10, D12, D30, D200 - antidote and homeonosode against mercury, Argentum nitricum D8, D10, D12, D200 - silver salt, Aurum metallicum D8, D10, D12, D200 – gold in homeopathic dilution, Cortex suprarenales CH4, CH7, CH9, CH15 – protective action on the adrenal glands, Ren CH4, CH7 – protective action on the kidneys, Cerebrum CH4, CH7 – protective action on the brain, Chelidonium D3 – drainage and protective action on the liver, Berberis D3 – drainage and protective action on the liver and kidneys, Solidago virga aurea D3 - drainage and protective action on the kidneys, Hieracium pilosella Ø – drainage and protective action on the kidneys, Lycopodium D12 – detoxification of the liver, Phosphorus D12 – regeneration of the liver after heavy metals.

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