Guna Dentotox 03 (Pre-Amalgam) - Drops


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Indications: Effective as a co-adjuvant for preparation for amalgam removal or for patients who present with amalgam poisoning, but who cannot or do not wish to have their fillings removed (neutralisation and antidote).

It is also effective for treating the formation of galvanic currents in the mouth (buccal currents).

Dosage: Prior to amalgam removal: 15 drops, 3 times a day in combination with Dentotox 4 Dental drainage and Dentotox 15 Pre-operative – both at a dosage of 15 drops, 3 times a day.


Antidotes against mercury:

Aurum metallicum D12, D30 Chinium arsenicosum D4, D6 Hepar sulphuris D9 Sarsaparilla D4, Silicea D9

Strengthening of the immune system:

Thuja D2 – viral and bacterial infections, Glandulae lymphaticae CH4, CH7 – lymphatic drainage, Ribes nigrum gemmae D1 – improves resistance to stress, Natrium fluoratum D9 – autoimmune disorders

Effects of mercury as an antidote on the nervous system:

Passiflora incarnata Ø – antidote to galvanic effects, Eschscholtzia californica Ø – sedative effect against overstimulation of the nervous system, Argentum nitricum D9, D12 – homeopathic protection of the nervous system, Zincum valerianicum D6 – Sedative effective against overstimulation, Niccolum metallicum D12, D15 – weakening of the nervous system and Pancreas

Regeneration of organs and drainage:

Ren CH4, CH7 – kidneys, Hepar CH4 - liver, Glandulae suprarenales CH4 - adrenal glands Chelidonium D3 – hepatic drainage, Solidago virga aurea Ø – renal drainage Hieracium pilosella Ø – renal drainage.

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