Dr. Reckeweg R3 - Drops, 50ml (Heart)


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Indications: Mild hear failure with a tendency towards oedema. Valvular heart disease. Dilatations.

Post-infectious myocardial weakness, coronary insufficiencies, cardiac infarction, endocarditis.

Dosage: According to the weakness of the heart, 3 times daily 10-20-30 drops in some water, in the beginning of the treatment even 4-6 times daily. Incase of strong tendency toward Hydropsy, to be taken undiluted.

Improvement should follow after several days only. If Not, the dose should be increased, and reduced again after improvement to 20 drops, 3 times a day. Even after complete disappearance of the complaints a treatment of 10-15

Drops 2-3 time a day should be continued for longer period of time.

Over-dosing present No danger. In acute weakness of the heart, every 15-30 minutes 10-20 drops.

IngredientsArsen, alb. D5, Cactus D2. Crataegus 0, Digitalis D3, Kalium carbon. D3, Kalmia D3, Phospohorus D5, Scilla D2, Spigelia D3, Strophanthus D3.

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