Dr. Reckeweg R87 - Drops, 30ml


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Indications: Bacterial infections,internal or external.Weakened immune system, or as preventive to bacterial infiltration.

Dosage: For a natural side effect free immunization formula use 3 drops 3 times daily for 3 days once a month for the first 2 years of life. for older patients use 10 drops 3 times daily for bacterial infections, 10 drops once a day for a preventative.

Ingredients: Botulinum D30, E-Coli D30, Glandulae Thymi D30, Hydrastis D3, Pneumococcimum D30, Proteus D30, Pseudomonas D30, Salmonella D30, Scarlatinum D30, Staphylococcinum D30, Streptococcinum D30, Tuberculinum D30.

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