Guna Endocrinotox 05 (Right Ovary Disorders) - Drops


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Indications: All disorders affecting the right side of the body and/or the right ovary, as well as pain and inflammation. General neuroendocrine regulation disorders as well.

If a male patient has a positive bioenergy test, this indicates the following:

  1. emotional or endocrine stress, or
  2. biorhythm disorders, or
  3. gonad premalignancies, or
  4. the use of suppressive drugs, or
  5. problems with the right side of the body

Dosage: 15 drops, 3 times a day, at least several minutes before or after meals. Combine with Endocrinotox No. 3 (|General female regulation).

If inflammation occurs add: Detox No. 8 (Immune power).

For Premenstrual Syndrome: Endocrinotox No. 1 (PMS).

For stress: Detox No. 17 (Stress).

Composition: Capsicum annuum TM, Echinacea angustifolia TM, Chelidonium D1, Hypothalamus 7CH, Hypophysis 7CH, Thyreoidea 7CH, Placenta 4CH, Hepar 7CH, Ovarium 7CH, Progesteron 7CH, Argentum nitricum D9, Conium D9/D12, Zincum valerianicum D6, Apis mellifica D4/D6/D9/D12 Hedeoma D4, Lycopodium D4/D6/D9, Palladium D12, Sepia D4, Pulsatilla D6, Lilium tigrinum D3, Oestrogen 7CH

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