Guna Endocrinotox 14 (Irregular menstrual cycle) - Drops

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Indications: Irregular menstruation and other disorders of the menstrual cycle.

It has a therapeutic effect on the neuroendocrine system.

The bioenergy test illustrates how this remedy can also be effective for many other disorders, not necessarily connected to the symptoms of heavy menstruation. When this occurs, they are usually biological clock and biorhythm disorders. In this case the remedy can be effective for treating men as well.

It is also indicated in the treatment of emotional stress.


10 drops, 3 times a day, several minutes before or after meals.

10 drops before bedtime.

Combine with Detox No. 17 (Stress) and Endocrinotox No. 6 (Pituitary gland).


Passiflora incarnata TM, Lac caninum D6/D9/D12, Nux moschata D9, Nux vomica D9, Physostigma venenosum D6, Sepia D6/D9/D12/D30, Tuberculinum 9CH, Hypophysis 7CH/20CH, Thyreoidea 7CH, Ovarium 7CH/30CH, Melaninum 7CH, Phosphorus D10/D15, Pulsatilla D6/D9/D12/D15, Zincum valerianicum D6

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