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Intended use:

To improve knee mobility, help muscle stretching, soothe knee pain while moving legs and knee.

MD-KNEE is a medical device finalized to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

  • Aging
  • Bad posture
  • Concomitant chronic diseases
  • Blows and injuries
  • Pollutants


MD-KNEE is a medical device finalized to help knee movement. Its main therapeutic functions include:

  1. a barrier effect
  2. a lubricating activity
  3. a mechanical support while administering other pharmacological treatments



MD-KNEE may be used as a single treatment or mixed with other medical devices of the same range, in order to make a customized treatment according to clinical evolution.

When a supportive treatment is needed for acute pain, MD-KNEE can be associated with MD-NEURAL, MD-POLY and MD-MUSCLE (together with one or more than one of these). Moreover, when a supportive treatment is needed for the connective tissue matrix or when the physiological aging process should be slowed down, MD-KNEE can be associated with MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE.


It may also be used as a mechanical support while treating the following diseases:

  • Knee arthrosis (in association with MD-POLY)
  • Patello-femoral arthrosis
  • Knee localization of rheumatoid arthritis or of other autoimmune diseases (in association with MD-POLY)
  • Knee acute and chronic arthrosynovitis secondary to arthrosis or to rheumatoid arthritis (in association with MD-POLY)
  • Post-traumatic or post-surgery acute and chronic arthrosynovitis
  • Traumatic lesions of cruciate or collateral ligaments of the knee
  • Meniscal lesions (in association with MD-MUSCLE)
  • Knee joint preparation to meniscectomy (in association with MD-MUSCLE )
  • Maintenance therapy after knee surgery (in association with MD-MUSCLE and MD-NEURAL).


Directions for use:

Treatment protocol: 1 treatment a week for 10 weeks. 


Periarticular injection technique: (the site of application must be sterile; insert the needle at 2-4 mm depth). 


For this purpose the use of the following materials and accessories is recommended:

  • Materials for aseptic skin preparation: sterile gloves, Iodine solution, Alcohol solution, sterile gauze pads, Ethyl chloride spray for the skin.
  • Needles: Sterile 27 G Needle.
  • Syringes: 5 or 10 Syringe cc size, according to the volume of the solution to inject.


Intraarticular injection technique:

For this purpose the use of the following materials and accessories is recommended:

  • Materials for aseptic skin preparation: sterile gloves, Iodine solution, Alcohol solution, sterile gauze pads, Ethyl chloride spray for skin.
  • The application of a topical anaesthetic on the skin area to be treated is recommended.
  • Needles: Sterile 22 G Needle.
  • Syringes: 2 cc size, according to the volume of the solution to inject.





 Arnica NaCl Water for injections

Contraindications / Side effects:

There is no history of hypersensitivity to MD-KNEE. However, patients with a recognized hypersensitivity to any ingredient or excipient should be tested before use, making a spot injection into one arm and be monitored for 1 hour.


Warnings and precautions:

Knee pain requires differential diagnosis for collateral or cruciate ligament injuries, prepatellar bursitis, hip joint pathologies, osteochondritis dissecans, inflammatory arthopathy, gout, pseudogout, septic arthiritis.

A slight reddening at the injection site may be due to a mechanical effect of the needle or to a skin superficial reaction.

Skin cleansing/disinfection is required before and after application. Saprophytic bacteria may produce injection site abscesses. Keep away from the reach and the sight of Children.


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