Guna Tanacetum - Drops


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Indications: irritation and gastrointestinal disorders due to  intestinal helmints infestations

Dosage: 10 drops 3 times a day, away from main meals.

CompositumTanacetum vulgare D1, Artemisia vulgaris D2, Absinthium D4; Serpyllum D3, Chenopodium D6. Contains alcohol 60%.

Further reading: 

Indicated for irritation and gastrointestinal disorders characterizing intestinal helmints infestations. Tanacetum vulgare has a therapeutic action in case of helmint-related diarrhea and nervous irritation.

Artemisia and absinthium are indicated for irritability and disorder fo the digestive tract. serpyllum  loosen the gastro-intestinal spasms and it is an anti-helmintic remedy, chenopodium is also an anti-helmintic remedy and helps the hepatic functionality.

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