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1 Bottle of 50ml Throat Spray
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Relieves symptoms of inflammation of throat, gums, and oral cavity, such as pain, hoarseness, swollen tonsils, toothache.

An innovative formulation developed for dentine hypersensitivity to heat and cold.

It activates the dentine matrix, promotes the formation of new dentine, controls and reduces the inflammatory conditions affecting the correlated anatomical structures, progressively solving the problem of sensitive teeth.

It protects the most sensitive parts of the teeth (dental pulp, dentine tubules and interdentine nerve fibers) without local and systemic side effects.

Scientific studies* demonstrate the efficacy of Desi spray® in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity caused by traumatic operations on the tooth, e.g. fillings, reconstructions, preparation of crowns and bridges, or pathological alterations such as abrasion of the neck of the tooth, receding gums and dental pulp inflammatory conditions.


Treatment of dentine sensitivity (to heat and cold). Local inflammation of the oral cavity.


1 spray at least twice a day on the part(s) affected.

Package size:

50 ml bottle with nebulizer. Oral spray.


Arnica D2, Belladonna D4, Aconitum D3, Echinacea ang. D2, Echinacea purp. D2, Hamamelis D2, Hypericum D2, Hepar sulphuris D6, Symphytum D6, Millefolium D3, Dentin D12, Essential oils of pine and lemon.

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