Gunaelmint (Worming / Worms)

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Natural defense against intestinal parasites, intestinal elminth infestation,(worms)

It creates unfavorable conditions for the vitality of intestinal pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms and schistosomes, thus helping to eliminate them.

  • helps to eliminate worms from the body;
  • prevents helminth infections from re-occurring;
  • detoxifies the intestines;
  • supports the immune system.

Herbal medicine, has confirmed the effectiveness of these ingredients in the fight against these intestinal parasites:    

  • Enterobius vermicularis(Worms, nematodes)
  • Toxocara canis(Velvet ascarids, nematodes)
  • Oesophagostomum spp.(Strongiloidø family of parasites, nematodes)
  • Raillietina spp.(Tapeworms, Cestoda)
  • Schistosoma spp.(Flatworms-fluke ðistosomos, Trematoda)
  • Fasciolo spp.(Flatworms-fluke, Trematoda)
  • Heterophytes heterophyes(Flatworms-fluke, Trematoda)
  • Taenia spp. (Tapeworms, Cestoda)


Gunaelmint is well tolerated and is not harmful to the human or animal. Side effects: None known.


Humans - 5 consecutive days, take 1 sachet three times a day, and after 15-day break repeat the 5 day course

Horses - 5 consecutive days, take 3 sachets twice a day (i.e/ 3x in morning in feed, 3x in evening in feed), and after 15-day break repeat the 5 day course.

Dogs & Cats - 5 consecutive days, take 1 sachet two times a day, and after 15-day break repeat the 5 day course. 

How to Use:
Dissolve the contents of sachet in a glass of water, stir and take straight away. For animals add to their feed.


Packing: 30 x 4.2g sachets

Horses will require 2 boxes for 1 dose.

Humans will require 1 box for 1 dose.

Small pets will require 3/4 of a box. 

Repeat Dosage:-

* If worming is a problem, repeat until clear. 

* Maintenance dosages for animals - repeat every 6 months, unless otherwise indicated. 


Pumpkin dry extract 2,38 g Myrrh dry extract 1,67 g Turmeric dry extract 0,79

Product Features:

  • Special Formula
  • Strong natural synergistic effects: broad spectrum
  • Supports the immune system
  • TOXIC worms BUT harmless to humans
  • EXCELLENT tolerance and pleasant taste (ORANGE)

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