Quinton Isotonic Oral Hydration Vials


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Uses: Quinton Isotonic gently helps your body regain optimum mineral balance to maintain health.

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Anxiety Calming,
  • Allergies, Asthma, Hayfever,
  • Improves Sleep,
  • Gentle Detoxification, Supports Immune System,
  • Improves Blood Quality.


    Quinton Isotonic has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory and calming properties so it is the ideal choice for anybody with any type of inflammation, including allergies, and to reduce anxiety.

    Sea-water research has shown that certain immunoglobulin (IgE) levels that are raised in people with respiratory allergies are lowered. It supports the respiratory system in people with conditions such as asthma and hayfever.

    People who take Quinton Isotonic frequently report better sleep patterns and improved sleep quality.

    Contra - Indications

    Quinton isotonic is completely safe with no known contra-indications or adverse reactions - it gently detoxifies the body and restores the optimum mineral and trace element levels. It can support deeper sleep, emotional and physical balance and better relaxation.


    • Quinton Isotonic is suitable for the most sensitive individuals including pregnant mothers, newborn babies and children of all ages. 

    The boost to the immune system eradicates blood-borne infections. Red Blood Cells become less sticky and stop forming into stacks called rouleaux. RBC rouleaux is one of the high risk factors for retinal degeneration in diabetics. How many people's vision might be saved for the sake of a daily Quinton Isotonic?


    • 1 vial taken daily on an empty stomach 
    • Just 10ml Quinton Isotonic ampoule taken daily on an empty stomach for 30 days can make remarkable differences to the quality of your blood.
    • Quinton is ideal for long term use and should be part of your daily health routine.

    Size: 1 box contains 30 x 10ml vials.

    Ingredients: Quinton Isotonic is cold-filtered Quinton Marine Plasma diluted with carefully chosen spring water to match the concentration of elements within your blood and extra-cellular fluid and keep the correct pH.

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