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INDICATIONS: Bacterial or viral fever symptoms; acute and chronic inflammatory processes affecting the skin, mucous and serous membranes; abscesses, boils, pyoder- matitis, hyperpyrexia, toothache, both in children and in adults.

DOSAGE: In children: from 5 to 10 drops every 3 hours. In adults: from 10 to 20 drops every 2-3 hours.

In hyperpyrexia, the dosage can be doubled and the frequency halved.

COMPOSITION: Nimesulide D4, Erythromycin D4, Belladonna D6-12-30, Arnica D10, Calcarea sulphurica D6, Lachesis D12, Echinacea angustifolia D6, Streptococcinum 30CH, Eupatorium D8, Vincetoxicum D12, Aconitum D6, Hepar sulphuris D12, Bryonia D12, Mercurius solubilis D12.



This medicine, with its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic action, stems from the need in biological medicine to deal with acute inflammatory episodes with and without associated hyperpyrexia.
This need is particularly felt in pediatric treatments.

The medicine S44 is formulated with remedies from classic homeopathy and with potentized allopathic drugs at low dilutions.
There are two
potentized allopathic drugs involved, both in dilutions D4:


Nimesulide has an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antalgic effect. Erythromycin is an antibiotic belonging to the macrolide group, effective against Gram + and Gram - cocci and bacilli. It is one of the least toxic and most manageable antibiotics, even in pregnancy. Recent studies have been designed to demonstrate that erythromycin can play a positive effect on the interleukin network.

Alongside these two constituents, S 44 also contains several remedies from classic homeopathy, as mentioned before, with the following indications: Belladonna: in scalar dilution, particularly indicated in feverish pathologies with tissue congestion and hyperemia.

Arnica: with a decongestant vasculotrophic and a general anti-stress effect. Calcarea sulphurica: a remedy whose characteristics encompass both Calcarea carbonica and Sulphur, i.e. anti-inflammatory, anti-suppurative, tissue and liver draining effects.

Lachesis: an antibiotic-like antibacterial, decongestant, vasculotrophic activ- ity. In homeopathy poisons and mineral acids are used to obtain antibacter- ial and antiviral therapeutic effects.
Echinacea angustifolia: a remedy that stimulates and modulates immune response. Streptococcinum: the nosode of Streptococcus viridans, with an antistrep- tococcal and antibacterial effect.

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