Sanum Thymokehl - Thymus extract


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Indications: Disorders in growth and development: adjuvant in anti-carcinogenic therapy; for all degenerative processes i the lumbar vertebral column area. 

Pleo Thym (Thymokehl) contains thymus gland extract to support the bodies innate abilities and strengthen the immune system in chronic conditions, increase cellular metabolism and is used for all degenerative processes in the lumbar vertebral column area.

Characteristics: Extracts from organs act positively on the entire cell metabolism. IN cellular therapy, research has shown that materials resorbed from organ extracts promote cellular repair processes of the DNA. They act as a stimulant where damaged cells need to be regenerated and as a supplement where degenerated cells break down. The thymus extract in Thymokehl shows the same physiological activity; its molecular structure differs only slightly from the molecular structure of the human organ. The promotion of cellular respiration by thymus extract has been proven in various animal test models. 

Dosage: 1 ampoule to be administered i.m., s.c., 1-3 times weekly. 

Commpositum: Glandula thymi 6X 

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