Gunamino Formula (Son Formula)


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Gunamino Formula which was previously Son Formula

Available in packs of 50 tablets, 150 tablets and boxes of 42 Sachets - 6.65gm Powder.

Ideal and balanced combination of essential amino acids for human nutrition.

Characteristics of Gunamino Formula

Gunamino Forumula is a food supplement with the 8 essential amino acids. These are contained in a special and ideal quantitative and qualitative ratio, especially formulated for the human species.

The Amino Acids of Gunamino Formula are extracted from plants through a fermentation process, and they are ultra purified and crystallized. 

 The Uniqueness of the amino acid cocktail of Gunamino Formula lies in a special ratio between the 8 essential amino acids, the only ratio capable of ensuring their full absorption and their optimal utilisation through the anabolic pathway.

The Clinical Safety of Gunamino Formula is guaranteed by its amino acid profile, due to which only a small percentage of amino acids follow the catabolic pathway.

This is the reason why Gunamino Formula:

  • Is absorbed in a few minutes without overloading the digestive system
  • does not produce nitrogenous waste and does not overload the kidneys or the liver
  • provides the highest protein value compared to any other food, in a lower weight and volume.

Self-Limiting Metabolism:

To make sure that optimal protein syntheses take place, the 8 essential amino acids must be administered at the same time and in one process and single qualitative and quantitative ratio. Any intracellular deficit of one or more than one amino acids hinders the use of the other amino acids, thus reducing the rate of protein synthesis. 

A special balance between the amino acids of Gunamino Formula, specific for the human body, implies the fact that these do not undergo the process of deamination, which occurs when even only one of the amino acids is not supplied in a balanced quantitative ratio compared to the others.

Gunamino Formula - Prevailing Anabolism:

  • Optimal protein synthesis
  • Minimum residual nitrogen
  • No kidney overload
  • Minimum calorie intake

Other amino acid combinations - Prevailing Catabolism:

  • Energy production
  • Transformation and accumulation of amino acids in the form of fat or glycogen
  • Production of nitrogenous waste


Gunamino Formula in Dietetics:

Gunamino Formula offers special opportunities in Dietetics. It helps reducing the fat body mass and "nourishes" the lean body mass at the same time by giving a minimum calorie intake.

The requirement to obtain weight loss (that is to turn the energy balance negative) is perfectly satisfied by Gunamino Formula, which allows to lower the calorie diet regime. This forces the body to use the fat body mass as energy source. Nevertheless, this prevents the body from depleting the lean body mass, because the lean body mass is fully nourished by the amino acids of the special mix of this product.

The duration of the Dietary Program with Gunamino Formula varies according to the needs of each person.

A period of 2 weeks at least is recommended within the Dietary Program, with Gunamino Formula in combination with a daily physical activity.

 Gunamino Formula Clinical Nutrition:

In the field of Clinical Nutrition Gunamino Formula has a privileged position in primary prevention and in the complementary treatment of many diseases, especially the chronic and degenerative ones.

The special characteristics of Gunamino Formula offer optimal nutritional conditions in chronic or debilitated patients. 

This product guarantees:

  • Optimal and rapid absorption in the digestive system (almost no digestive involvement);
  • reduced production of nitrogenous waste (without any kidney overload);
  • reduction in catabolic processes, reduction of protein depletion (hormones, cytokines, neuropeptides, but also of muscle and bone mass);
  • maximization of  protein synthesis (general benefits of patients' vitality)

Gunamino Formula: How to use it:

  • Tablets: Swallow the tablets with a little amount of water.
  • Sachet: Dissolve the content of one sachet in a glass of water (200 ml) or fruit juice or any other drink, and stir well.

Gunamino Formula: Instructions for use:

  • Dietetics: see Dietary Program with Gunamino Formula
  • Clinical nutrition: 5-10 tablets or 1-2 sachets daily. Depending on the patient's general health conditions, the dosage may even reach 15-20 tablets or 3-4 sachets.


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