Tonsilla Compositum Drops - 30ml


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Indications: Stimulation of the lymphatic system; improvement of the bodily defences in exudative diathesis, dysontogenesis of lymphatic children, dystrophia adiposogenitalis, postencephalitic residues, erythema nodosum et multiforme, toxic exanthemas, elephantiasis, empyema, injuries caused by false therapy, as granulocytopenia, agranulocytosis and leucaemia, induratio penis plastica, sclerodermitis, chronic gout and primary chronic polyarthritis, early stage of neoplastic phases.

Dosage: In general, 10 drops 3 times daily; in acute disorders initially 10 drops repeated every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours.

Composition:- 10g (=10.5ml; 1ml = 20 Tropfen) Enthalten: Wirkstoffe: Acdium ascorbicum Dil. D6 (HAB, V. 5al Lsg D1 mit Ethanol 15% (m/m)] 0.3g, Acidum L(+)-lacticum Dil. D6 [HAB, V. 5a, Lsg. D2 mit Ethanol 15% (m/m)] 0.3g Aesculus hippocastanum Dil. D6 0.3g Barium Carbonicum  Dil. D28 0,3g Calcium phosphoricum Dil. D10 0,3g Conium maculatum Dil. D13 (HAB, v. 6) 0,3g Dactylopius coccus Dil. D6 0,3g Echinacea Dil. D4 0,3g Ferrum phosphoricum Dil. D10 0,3g Galium aparine Dil. D6 0,3g Gentiana lutea Dil. D6 0,3g Geranium robertianum Dil. D6 0,3g Kalium stibyltarticum Dil. D6 0,3g Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni Dil. D13 0,3g Pulsatilla pratensis Dill. D6 0,3g, Solanum dulcamara Dill. D4 0,3g Sulfur Dill. D8 0,3g Cortex glandulae suprarenail suis Dil. D13 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g  Embryo totalis suis Dil. D13 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g Hepar suis Dil. D10 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g Hypothalamus suis Dil. D10 (Hab, V. 42a) 0,3g Medulla ossium suis Dil. D10 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g Nodus lymphaticus suis Dil. D8 (HAB , V. 42a) 0,3g Splen suis Dill. D10 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g Tonsilla suis Dil. D28 (HAB, V. 42a) 0,3g Die Wirkstoffe 1 bis 19 sowie die Wirkstoffe 20 bis 28 werden jeweils uber die letzt Stufe gemeinsam potenziert. Enthalt 25 Voll %Alkohol.

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