Totum Sport adds Performance (Hydrate 78)


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Totum sport is a 100% natural supplement designed to take your performance to the next level.

Totum Sport is the sports version of Quinton marine plasma. It is equivalent to a double dose of the Quinton Hypertonic

Benefits from Totum Sport:  

  • physical performance,
  • Complete Hydration
  • Enhance Stamina
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Reduce Cramps
  • Minimise Fatigue
  • Faster Recovery


      Hard physical exercise causes minerals as well as water to be lost via sweat.

      For maximum performance it is not good enough to wait to replace these vital minerals and trace elements until after exercise as your body needs them during performance.

      Using Totum Sport prior to exercise ensures your body has a reservoir of minerals that it can rely on. Making sure that all your minerals are present in the correct proportions ensures that your whole metabolism is ready and fully functional with no weak link.

      Contra - Indications

      Quinton Totum is completely safe with no known contra-indications or adverse reactions.


      Dosage for Tomum Sport:


      Recommended Use: 

      • One sachet of Totum Sport should be taken for every hour of exercise.


        Before Exercise:

        • Take one sachet of Totum Sport on an empty stomach, 10-15 minutes prior to exercise or training.


          During Exercise:

          • A further sachet of Totum Sport should be taken for every hour of exercise. During endurance events, or when training in hot and humid conditions, take an extra sachet of Totum Sport where required. 


            After Exercise: 

            • Take one sachet immediately after you have finished exercising to replace all the electrolytes lost during exercise. If you take any other supplements for recovery, such as proteins or carbohydrates – ensure that Totum Sport is taken 10 minutes beforehand to increase the absorption of these supplements.


            • Totum Sport should be taken straight from the sachet, without mixing with water or any other liquids, as this will effect the absorption rate of Totum Sport, reducing the efficiency of the electrolytes.

              Size: 1 box contains 10 sachets of 20ml.

              Ingredients: Micro-filtered Mineral Rich Seawater (100%)

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