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INDICATIONS: Immune deficiencies of various origin. Chronic and relapsing viral diseases. Recurrent infections of the airways in lymphatic subjects. Mild cryptogenic fever.

DOSAGE: 30-50 drops three times a day for two months (preferably starting with the administration of 150 drops a day for the first 20 days of treatment, then 90 drops a day thereafter).

MAINTENANCE THERAPY: 10 drops three times a day for at least 4 months. Children under 3 years old: 1/3 of the adult dose. Children from 3 to 6 years old: 1/2 of the adult dose.

NOTES: It may be advisable to associate Uncastim with oligo elements. In immunodeficiencies associated with intestinal dysbiosis or fungal infesta- tions, it is useful to associate Eubioflor 1, Eubioflor 2 and Micox.

COMPOSITION: Uncaria tormentosa D4, Echinacea angustifolia D4, Echinacea purpurea D4, Phytolacca D6, Silicea D6, Hepar sulphuris D6, Pyrogenium D6, Galium aparine D4, Pulsatilla D6, Vincetoxicum D4, Sulphur met. D6, Colon suis D6, Thymus suis D6, Lymphatic ganglia suis D6, Splen suis D6, Hepar suis D6, Medulla ossis suis D6, Hypothalamus suis D12, Corpus pinealis suis D12, Ac. succinicum D4, Ac. fumaricum D4, Ac. malicum D6, Natrium pyruvicum D6, Chinhydron D12, Manganese D4, Cuprum D4. Contains alcohol (30%).



Uncastim is a complex homeopathic product. The careful combination of plant and mineral homeopathic remedies with Suis organ preparations, intermediate catalysts, oligo elements and a nosode makes this preparation useful in the prevention and treatment of relapsing bacterial and viral infections, especially in lymphatic subjects, even if already treated with retoxic therapy.

Uncastim achieves a complex and articulated therapeutic action that includes immunostimulation (related to plant remedies such as Uncaria tor- mentosa, Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea, Vincetoxicum, and several organ preparations such as Splen suis, Lymphatic ganglia suis, Thymus suis, Medulla ossis suis), control of septic expansion of the disease (Hepar sul- phuris, Pyrogenium), drainage of the mesenchyma (Galium aparine, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Phytolacca, Sulphur), restoration of enzyme activity (Ac. succinicum, Ac. fumaricum, Ac. malicum, Natrium pyruvicum, Chinhydron) and catalytic stimulation (Manganese and Cuprum).

Given this homeopharmacological structure, the product is contraindicated in autoimmune pathologies in the active phase and in cases of acute fever.

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