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Homotoxicology makes use of specific "Detoxifying remedies" to induce the excretion of toxins. These remedies are different from others used to repair damage from toxins. Conveniently, Heel manufactures certain remedies in liquid form which specifically support clinical detoxification. Such "excretion-phase" remedies can be valuable when used in a cleansing program for prevention or maintenance. Heel has put three of these remedies in a DETOX KIT. These remedies can be used alone or in concert with other, more specific composites or Homaccords, or as adjuvant therapy to clinical detoxification programs.

The preparations are:

These three preparations can be rated as stronger than other over-the-counter type preparations in their effectiveness and may produce a notable reaction. But there is no need to purge, fast, or follow a special diet while following this program. These three preparations were formulated to work at the level of the major detoxification organs of the body.


Berberis Homaccord

Berberis acts mainly on the urinary system. As with all antihomotoxic remedies, it reaches into other systems that are involved in the detoxification process. Berberis is indicated for overloading of the excretory organs; especially the liver, kidneys, and skin.

The following chart offers a profile which encompasses the different detoxification systems and their symptom portraits. Any combination of symptoms from the right side of the chart indicates the use of the remedy featured at the top

Berberis Detox Profile

System Symptom Portrait


• renal pain and colic
• renal calculi
• stabbing pain in ureters (extending to testes in men)
• pyelitis
• tenesmus of bladder
• cystitis


• pain in lower abdomen and pelvis (symptoms of bladder
• pain in sacrum and rheumatic-type infection with or without bacterial invasion) stiffness before menses
• leucorrhea
• varicose veins and swelling of
• dysmenorrhea legs especially before menses
• poor urination (straining especially before menses)
• exhaustion, irritability, and symptoms of PMS


• bile related disorders (adjusts function and flow)
• pain in lower right abdomen
• clears alkaloids, and their breakdown products,
• cholangitis as well as purines
• hemorrhoids, itchy and burning
• gout (use only at intermediary treatment level, sensation in the anus not in the beginning of treatment )


• bluish circles under and/or around eyes
• dermatoses: pimples, vesicles, hot spots, (especially adrenal glands)
• exhaustion, prostration, depression red itchy vesicles, desquamation
• full-headed feeling
• bloated body form from meat-based diet
• flushed face
• gout
• rheumatism

Nux Vomica Homaccord

Nux vomica is the homeopathic remedy for detoxification via the digestive system. It is highly effective for cleansing toxins from the breakdown of drugs and alcohol, as well as from a poor diet. It reaches the urinary tract organs by repairing damage done by toxin elimination and provides organic support during a detoxification program.

Nux Vomica Homaccord - Detox Profile

System Symptom Portrait


• food toxins as in allergies and intolerance to certain foods or overuse of stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, etc. • inflammation of the digestive tract, with impaired circulation • headache (migraine from alcohol for example) • nausea • insomnia • heartburn • eructations • palpitations (from allergy to food or drugs) • pale complexion with clammy hands • rheumatism (from poor diet or alcohol, drug or coffee abuse) • ulcers on tongue • stomatitis with vesicles • tenesmus and hemorrhoids • congestion in the head, usually accompanied by constipation • gingivitis • bloating, flatulence


• tenesmus of the bladder • kidney pain and colic • cystitis • pain and "pulling-sensation" in lower abdomen, especially before menses in women • chills • sleeplessness • fatigue • anxiety • heavy legs


This is a composite of homeopathic ingredients prepared by Heel, specifically formulated to drain the lymphatic system. It is precise in its action on the lymphatic system and efficacious at inducing the flow and excretion of toxins from the lymphatic tissue. Its action stretches to the circulatory system, making it a useful addition to protocols for cardiac insufficiency and renal edema.

Lymphomyosot Detox Profile

System Symptom Portrait


• secondary reactions of lymphatic edema such as neurodermatitis • excessive or nocturnal sweating • hot flushes • pruritus • amenorrhea • painful micturition • rhinitis • bronchitis • neoplasms


• cardiac insufficiency • pulmonary stenosis • pulmonary edema • swelling of legs and heavy feeling in legs • high blood pressure and headache from cardiac congestion


Overall Picture

The Detox Kit

The Detox Kit can be found available online, here:

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