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The Guna Bach Flowers are unique in the way that “Super-Coherent Water” is used as the excipient to deliver the essences and has the effect of amplifying their information. Super Coherent Water also has similar characteristics to those of biological water and so is highly resonant with the body.

The Guna recommended dosage of this range is: 

  • Add 2 drops of each chosen remedy to a 30 ml amber glass bottle containing natural mineral water and 2 teaspoonfuls of brandy(or another preservative, for example apple cider vinegar for children).
  • Shake vertically
  • From this solution take 4 drops directly under the tongue 3-4 times a day.

Using this method up to 133 bottles of 30ml can be produced using just one bottle of 10ml. This method also allows you to utilise multiple remedies to produce a medication specific to each patient’s needs and also would add a valuable extra profit centre for your business!

Alternatively, 2 drops of the undiluted stock bottle can be taken directly in the mouth, or in a glass of water.

What are Bach Flowers?

Bach Flowers are preparations based on herbal ingredients, identified in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach and recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). 

According to Dr Bach's vision, the 38 Bach Flowers, appropriately extracted from wildflowers (with the exception of spring water from sources known for their particular properties), encourage the innate rebalance and harmonization capability in case of personality troubles or altered emotional states. 

They can be taken singularly or in association, depending on the mood and the individual needs. 

Each remedy reflects a specific emotional and behavioural condition that allows an individual to develop, regain and express his/her own vital resources and inherent adaptation abilities. 

38 Bach Flowers

The 38 Bach Flowers are classified in 7 groups defined by Dr. Bach relating to the emotional states:

- Fear, anxiety and panic

- Uncertainty or lack of self-confidence

- Insufficient interest in present circumstances 

- Loneliness

- Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas

- Despondency or Despair.

- Over-care for welfare of others.

Guna Bach Flowers: Tradition, Quality, Innovation

Guna Bach Flowers are prepared by using mother essences: 

  • of top quality
  • coming from the original places in Great Britain (UK)
  • certified by the British Association of Flower Essence Producers 
  • Obtained strictly according to Dr Bach's Tradition Method and original instructions.
  • prepared with organic brandy.

Guna Bach Flowers are:

  • in a stock concentration according to Dr. Bach's original instructions
  • in a solution of organic brandy and water with characteristics similar to those of biological water.
  • provided with a dropper with guarantee seal
  • provided with a colour coding identifying Dr Bach's 7 emotional categories. 

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