The Treatment of the Immune System

Excerpts from The Treatment of the Immune System Dysfunction by W. John Diamond, M.D for S.O.H.A.T Congress, August 1994

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison 

It is evident that our contemporary Western medical system is in a state of disarray.

Though conventional medicine excels in the management of the medical emergencies, certain bacterial infections, trauma care and many often heroically complex surgical techniques, it seems to have failed miserably in the areas of disease prevention and the management of the myriad of new and chronic diseases that fill our hospitals and doctors offices.

In American we pay more for our medical care and accomplish less than most other nations of comparable living standards, while health care costs continue to spiral out of control. 

The health care budget currently consumes 12% of the National Gross Product. The United States Senate and House of Representatives has spent more time on considering health legislation than any other issue during the last two years.

Treatment of chronic disease currently accounts for 85% of the national health care bill. Over 60% of all costs are spent on 10% of patients in the last three months of life.

This state of affairs is due to the fact that we spend almost nothing to treat the cause of chronic disease before major illness developers and then spend huge sums on heroic measures to maintain life until the very end. 

The changes that are necessary, however, will not be implemented as long as physicians earn their living and win renown, primarily by delivering rescue medicine (interventions that simply treat symptoms), since it is in this area and not prevention that physicians benefit the most.

Doctors are confronted daily with patients suffering from illnesses for which conventional medicine offers only superficial treatment of symptoms.

The magic of antibiotics is vanishing as a host of resistant strains emerge, disease such as AIDS and CFIDS have shown us clearly that our present treatments are simply not the whole answer. 

The metaphor of a modern plague may be appropriate.

Growing numbers of people lack vitality and suffer from a host of complaints difficult to define.

Most adults and now many children, suffer from complaints including:-

allergies, headaches, lack of energy, excessive fatigue and various digestive and respiratory disorders, along with a variety of emotional states ranging from mild depression to mood swings and anxiety.

They are manifesting what Jeffrey Bland, h.D calls a state of:-
"vertical ill health".

They are not sick enough to lie down (then they would be horizontally ill) and yet they consider themselves normal because most of the people they know are equally unhealthy.

They rely on a barrage of antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antidepressants and tranquilizers to maintain adequate daily homeostasis.

The side effects they develop from these drugs only add to their problems. 

What is illness?

Health is far more than the absence of disease.

When we are healthy all our bodily systems and functions are harmoniously balanced and integrated with each other and we are also in balance with our environment.

In this state of equilibrium our defense mechanisms and our immune mechanisms can efficiently handle most of the hazards that life presents, whether these are pathogenic organisms, toxic substances, or stress factors of various kinds.

Illness represents an internal imbalance that will manifest in order to keep balance in the body.

The Body will sacrifice one part for the good of the whole. Treatment then, should be focused at correcting the imbalance or internal disturbance, not at suppressing the body's balancing eternal manifestation.

The correcting of the internal problem can only be accomplished using techniques that are able to change the balance in the body. These are the tools of holistic or biological medicine.

What is Health?

As stated before, health is not the absence of disease.

There is a progressive movement from disease to health. In each patient it presents a wider or narrower spectrum of biological reactivity or movement.

If you follow the progression of a patient from disease to health you can see any of the following stages manifesting.

1: suppression, with a disappearance of symptoms (what regular medicine usually accomplishes) The disease process is suppressed, the symptoms disappear and the patient appears well.

This wellness is only temporary, the symptoms are driven deeper into the organism and will manifest at a later date in a more critical organ. 

End excerpts from The Treatment of the Immune System Dysfunction by W. John Diamond, M.D. 

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