Adiposity / Fat Loss - Treatment with Guna MD Matrix - Study

Acumesotherapy with Guna MD Matrix in patients with Localized Abdominal Adiposity

by S. Elenkova, J. Pozharashka


The Localized Adiposity is not only an aesthetic problem, but a complex pathology – an external expression of numerous metabolic alterations in the:-

tissue / connective matrix, adipose tissue / and the organic/endocrine, circulatory, nervous, immune/ systems.

MD-Matrix – ampoule 2 ml (Guna Spa, Milan, Italy), containing collagen and as excipients: citric acid + nicotinamide, is designed according to the conception of Physiological Regulative Medicine (PRM) in order to correct physiological imbalances in the tissue.

Purpose of the Study

To examine and evaluate the effects of simultaneous application of two established techniques – Acupuncture and Mesotherapy with MD-Matrix in patients with Localized Abdominal Adiposity.


Our investigation covered 23 healthy women aged between 27-53 with excess abdominal fat deposits.No special diet was given to the patients.

It was only recommended to take once a week 1500 g. of fruits divided into 4 equal portions during the day.

From February 2011 to July 2011, ten sessions of Acupuncture + Mesotherapy were carried out once a week.

Subcutaneous injections at 5-10 mm depth, using needles 27G and injecting 0.2 ml MD-Matrix in the following acu-points:

Ren12, Kd16, St25, Sp15, GB26, Ren6.

Measurements of the circumference on the level of the umbilicus was taken before starting the treatment, at the beginning of every next session and at the end of the therapy.


All patients have obtained an objective reduction of the localized abdominal fat deposits.

• 2 subjects (8.7%) reduction of umbilical circumference 3.0 cm.
• 4 subjects (17.4%) reduction of circumference 4.5 cm.
• 3 subjects (13.0%) reduction of circumference 5.5 cm.
• 7 subjects (30.4%) reduction of circumference 6.5 cm.
• 4 subjects (17.4%) reduction of circumference 7.0 cm.
• 1 subject (4.3%) reduction of circumference 8.5 cm.
• 1 subject (4.3%) reduction of circumference 9.0 cm.
• 1 subject (4.3%) reduction of circumference 11.5 cm.


The clinical evaluation provides important positive data regarding the effectiveness of Acupuncture + Mesotherapy with MD-Matrix in women with Localized Abdominal Adiposity.

A significant decrease of the umbilical circumference has been noted with an average of 6.3 cm.

It can be concluded that this combination ensures synergistic results – correction of localized excess of fat deposits and restore of the physiological balance in the treated tissue using MD Matrix

Additional benefits are the improved self-confidence and physiological comfort.

 Abstract presented at the
5th International Medical Acupuncture Congress
5th-6th November 2011, Barcelona - Spain

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