Guide to the Use of Guna Dietary Supplements

Gunabasic, / Colostrononi / Proflora

Summary of all 3 Remedies Usage:-

  • Preventing the onset of pathological conditions (primary prevention instrument)
  • Supporting physiological balance (wellness instrument)
  • Countering ageing processes (anti-ageing instrument)
  • Acting as a co-adjuvant in the presence of pathological conditions.

As the intestines given its role as the controller of the physiological homeostasis of the whole body, the primary intervention of these 3 remedies focus on the gut.

How to Take care of your Gut

  • Taking care of your intestine may seem difficult, and yet observing 3 simple rules can radically change the wellness of this organ and, with it, the whole body.


Re-balancing of pH:- Gunabasic

Repair of the intestinal mucosa:- Colostrononi

Replacement of the gut microbiota:- 

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