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Tincture of flower essences contains delicate energies from flowers.

How They Work

Flower essences:-

  • Rebalance & Regulate specific Bioenergy disorders of the body/mind complex.

They are also highly effective and safe-to-use.

Flower essences work more in the field of delicate energies than the usual homeopathic remedies that act primarily on the effects of toxins and the symptoms of diseases.

The effects of flower essences include:-

  • Changes in attitude and outlook on life
  • New powers of observation
  • Renewed Motivation
  • Release of emotional energy.

Many people using these essences report an immediate change in energy and a long-term response.

Flower essences were first introduced in 1934 by an English Homeopath and Bacteriologist known as Edward Bach.

Since then, hundreds of new essences have been discovered with properties similar to the 38 original ones discovered by Bach. These new flower essences have dramatically increased our chances of encouraging personal development.


The Flower Plex formulas combine flower essences originating in the USA and Europe, with homeopathic remedies extracted from the animal, plant and mineral kingdom.

These new preparations are unique and are the result of more than 10 years of research by one Dutch doctor and researcher, Dr. Roy Martina.

These combinations are designed to play more of a support role rather than acting as a treatment. They act in the following way:

  • releasing blocked and suppressed energy
  • removing or neutralizing negative bio-energy patterns
  • increasing, supporting and balancing human bioenergy

The Flower Plex flower combinations do not act directly on the function and structure of the physical body.

Instead they act by remodelling the bioenergy imprintings.


The Flower Plex flower combinations contain tinctures of flower essences that have been energized or dynamized via successions - the same process that is used to potentize homeopathic remedies.

The potentization process further promotes the special energy qualities of flower tinctures.

The potentized essences are then combined with the appropriate homeopathic remedies in order to create specific bio energy effects.


Both the new field of Psycho-neuro immunology and the ancient Chinese doctrine of “Five elements” claim that unresolved emotional tissue can cause energy imbalances in the physical body.

However, a toxic bio-accumulation or toxic interference, which can cause an energy imbalance, can also manifest itself as an alteration in the person’s spiritual or emotional state (Figure 1).

We should, therefore, act both on Somatic energy and Psycho-energy in order to produce a permanent resolution of the cycle of illness.

This can be achieved by combining potentized flower essences, which affect human Psycho-energy, with homeopathic components, which primarily affect human Somatic energy.

These formulas provide the individual with the necessary bio-energy support to produce the desired effect even without necessarily reaching the causal disorders.

However, it is still vital to identify and resolve the deeper underlying patterns and problems in order to obtain more lasting results. For that purpose, one needs to combine bio-energy tests with the appropriate psycho-awareness methods.


This section gives an indication of the recommended doses.
The formulas are taken by adding:-

10 drops to a beaker of water or administering them directly under the tongue.

The Flower Plex floral combinations can be taken:-

  • before retiring to bed,
  • first thing in the morning or
  • during the day.

They should be taken a minimum of 3-5 minutes from meals.

The following doses give the best results (always based on clinical data):

  • Standard dosage:- 10 drops, 3-4 times a day
  • Frequent dosage:-  10 drops, 6-8 times a day
  • Very frequent dosage:-  10 drops, 8-10 times a day
  • Childrens’ dosage:- 10 drops, 2-3 times a day
  • Chronic / Acute Dosage:- 10 drops every 30 minutes
    More than one combination can be taken at a time. However, it is usually better not to take  more than 3 or 4 combinations at a time.

      Acute Situations Remedies


        The results can be improved if the individual reflects upon the problems they are working through whilst taking the formula - it is best to do this using visualizations and affirmations.

        -  Mothers could repeat the affirmations aloud whilst administering the dose to their child.

        -  It is important for the patients to be fully connected with positive feelings, positive emotions and the goals that they wish to reach.

        In order to achieve maximum results, the patient should concentrate on breathing and the body’s physiology.

        Additional notes on Flower Plex remedies


        When the remedies: CALM LABOUR prove to be assessment floral essences for a man, one needs to take the following possibilities into account:

        • emotional disorders during his time in the womb, a vibrational pattern passed on to him by his mother, or (the most likely cause) a problem with his mother.

        When the product FEMALE SPIRITUALITY is found to be the assessment remedy for a man, this can indicate a blockage in his relationship with this mother.

        When it proves to be a support remedy, this can indicate the need for balancing his endocrine energy and his emotional field.

        When HAPPY MOTHERHOOD proves to be an assessment test for a woman who has never been pregnant, it can indicate that she has:-

        • suppressed feelings or conflicting emotions about pregnancy. For example: the desire or repressed desire to be a mother, fear of becoming pregnant or feeling of guilt.

        When CALM LABOUR (one vial for women who are about to give birth) proves to be a diagnosis vial, it can indicate a psychological block during her birth or while she was giving birth. 


        For example, a person who finds it difficult to share with others or to give to others can take:

        To prepare for a task,new event, moving house etc

        When someone is planning a speech, they can prepare one or two weeks in advance by taking:

        To increase intuition:

        To increase and protect ones energies when working with others if sensitive:

        Highly sensitive individuals can use:


        Making affirmations also means establishing positiveness. Affirmations are positive statements which establish and reinforce the patterns desired.

        • Most people are used to stating the negative.

        However, in order to improve a situation, one needs to learn to:-

        • state the positive at a conscious level.

        As the subconscious interprets our thoughts and our words literally, affirmations that are repeated frequently can be manifested as a person’s reality.

        As the affirmations reach deeper levels, the desired conditions occur.

        Affirmations are more effective at achieving the desired aim when they are said with conviction.

        They won’t achieve a great deal if they are mumbled mechanically whilst the person is thinking about something else.........

        Mental visualization of the desired change or end result will complete or increase the effect of the affirmation and help to prevent the mind from wandering while it is being repeated.

        Active affirmations that begin with “I am”, “I have”, or “I feel” are the most effective.
        For example:

        • “I am a happy person”.
        • “I feel happy”
        • “I am very talented”.

        Affirmations are most effective when they are expressed in the present tense.

        It is also best to avoid modal verbs. The affirmation “I want to be successful” states that the person wants something, but he has not got it. “I am successful” would be more effective.

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