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Guna Anti Age Myc / Skin Fungus - Granules is now discontinued and no longer available, but can be replaced by the following:


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Anti Age Myc - Recurrent Mucocutaneous Infections

Indications: Athlete’s foot.

A compound with an antifungal action designed to prevent and eliminate problems deriving from aggression to the skin by fungi, especially in summer (beaches, swimming pools, etc.).
It is advisable to add ANTI-AGE MYC to the ANTI-AGE SOL and ANTI-AGE BRONZ treatment regimen (see corresponding fact sheets) with a local action to combat dyschromia, which is always a risk during exposure to sunlight.

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Package size: Tube containing 4gr. of granules. 


Juglans Regia D3, Rosmarinus D3, Ulva Lactuca D3, Propolis D1, Cutis Suis 5CH, GCSF 4CH, Interleukin 4 4CH, Melatonin 4CH/7CH, Tryptophan 4CH, Candida Albicans D8, Saccharomyces Apiculata D8, Pityrosporum Orbiculata D8, Penicillinum Notatum D8, Streptomyces Griseus D8, Ammi Visnaga 4CH, Silicea 15CH and Arsenicum Album 9CH.


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