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Indications: Organic damage caused by pollution. 

Combats and detoxifies the body which suffers daily stress caused by pollution.

Mainly designed to alleviate damage caused by emissions of hydrocarbons, lead, aluminium, fluorine and the main heavy metals.

ANTI AGE SMOG induces general activation of the liver and kidney detoxification systems, and regulates the functionality of the immune system to make the body react against chronic inflammation caused by pollution factors.

Standard Dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Composition: Rosmarinus D3, Carduus Marianus D3, Berberis Aquifolium D3, Thymulin 6CH, ADN/ARN 4CH/7CH9CH, Polyvalent Peptone 4CH, Collagen Suis D10, Hepar Suis 5CH, Pancreas Suis 5CH, Ren Suis 5CH, Cutis Suis 5CH, Cladosporium D8, Benzopyrene 15CH, Benzene D8/D10/D20, Acidum Benzoicum 15CH, Petroleum 9CH, Ac. Fluoricum 15CH, Plumbum Met. D6/D10/D20, Alluminium Oxydatum 9CH, Fluorite D10, Mazout 9CH, GCSF 4CH/7CH, Interleukin 2 5CH. 


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