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1 Box of 10 Ampoules, 2ml
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Guna Hip is new and improved - now called Guna MD Hip:


Hip joint osteoarthritis, Hip joint capsule inflammation, Hip joint osteoarthritis with rheumatoid arthritis, Hip joint pain of muscle, Hip joint pain of nerve origin (burning hip), Hip joint pain due to prolonged bed rest, Knee joint osteoarthritis.


Standard protocol for i.m. administration: 1 ampoule 1-3 times a week according to severity and clinical evolution (1-2 months of treatment).
Standard protocol according to mesotherapeutic technique using 1-2 ampoules per treatment: 2 treatments per week for the first 2 weeks, then 1 treatment a week until pain relief (average 8-10 sessions). For chronic pathologies: continue with 1 treatment a week for 1 month until pain relief, then 1 treatment a month.

Package Size:

2 ml glass ampoules in package of 10
2 ml glass ampoules in package of 50

Most Common Combinations:

Guna-Hip + Guna MD Muscle: satellite muscles involvement in case of pre-arthro- sis or hip and knee arthrosis.
Guna-Hip + Guna-Neural: inguinal neuritis and neuritis affecting the upper leg, caused by hip arthrosis, burning hip, neuritis due to knee arthrosis.
Guna-Hip + Guna-Polyarthritis: coxarthritis due to rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, acute coxarthritis of sportsmen.
Guna-Hip + Guna-Arthro: hip joint osteoarthritis, hip joint capsule inflammation.
Guna-Hip + Guna-Flam: before and after surgical operations of the hip, pain caused by prosthesis


Active ingredients:
Arnica montana 8X, 4 parts
Anti interleukin 1 alpha 4C, 2 parts Anti interleukin 1 beta 4C, 2 parts Beta-Endorphin 4C, 2 parts Calcarea fluorica 6X, 2 parts Cartilago suis 4X, 2 parts Colocynthis 8X, 2 parts
Rhus toxicodendron 10X, 2 parts Argentum metallicum 6X, 1 part Formicum acidum 8X, 1 part
Inactive ingredient:
Sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution

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