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Neck pain due to cartilage-degenerative cervical spine disorders (cervical osteoarthritis), Neck pain due to cervical muscular trigger points, Stiff neck syndrome, Simple neck pain, Whiplash, Postural neck pain, Mechanical imbalance (Facet joint syndrome), Cervical spinal ligament syndrome, Cervical spinal nerve root pain, Arnold syndrome.


Standard protocol for i.m. administration: 1 ampoule 1-3 times a week according to severity and clinical evolution (1-2 months of treatment).
Standard protocol according to mesotherapy technique using 1-2 ampoules per treatment: 2 treatments for the first 2 weeks, 1 treatment a week till pain relief (average 8-10 sessions). For chronic pathologies: continue with 1 treatment a week for 1 month till pain relief, then 1 treatment a month.

Most Common Combinations:

Guna-Neck + Guna MD Muscle: neck pain due to cervical trigger points, muscle-tensi- ve occipital frontal headache, whiplash.
Guna-Neck + Guna-Neural: brachialgia from cervical arthrosis, cranic neuritis caused by atlo-epistrophic dislocation, muscle-tensive headache, lost of physiological cervical lordosis.
Guna-Neck + Guna-Polyarthritis: cervical syndrome caused by rheumatoid osteoarthritis or other autoimmune diseases, cervical syndrome caused by general somatic pain.
Guna-Neck + Guna-Arthro: cervical arthrosis, cervical articular discomfort.
Guna-Neck + Guna-Flam: post-surgery recovery, cervical contusions in traumatology and sport medicine.


Active ingredients:
Cartilago suis 4X, 2 parts
Anti interleukin 1 alpha 4C, 2 parts Anti interleukin 1 beta 4C, 2 parts Beta-Endorphin 4C, 2 parts Magnesia phosphorica 8X, 2 parts Nux vomica 10X, 2 parts
Picricum acidum 10X, 2 parts
Silicea 4X, 2 parts
Crotalus horridus 10X, 1 part Intervertebral disk, Porcine 4X, 1 part
Inactive ingredient:
Sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution

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