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Guna React has been replaced by Guna Virus.



For infective-based inflammatory pathologies (viral and bacterial) in the initial phase.

GUNA React is used for the temporary relief of symptoms due to sore throat, Flu, Tonsillitis, such as mild discomfort with swallowing, run-down feeling.

Guna-React stimulates the immune system cell-mediated field and, in particular, aims at macrophage function. Macrophages are the first responders in the case of body invasion or aggression, and their response activation by this formulation indicates the suitability of this medicine, in the case of acute infective or inflammatory pathology.

Guna-React is an effective medicine, free of adverse reactions, that can immediately resolve the symptomatology if used at the beginning of the inflammatory and infectious pathology.


3 pellets 2-3 times a day. In acute phase: 3 pellets every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.

Package Size:

Net Wt. 8 g/0.28 oz. 2 Tubes

Most Common Combinations:

Guna-React + Citomix: immediate activation of immune defenses in patients suffering from acute infective diseases.
Guna-React + Guna-Flam: immediate activation of immune defenses in patients suffering from acute inflammatory diseases.


Angelica sinensis, Radix 3X Arnica montana 4X/6X/8X Carduus marianus 3X Echinacea angustifolia 3X Ginseng 1X
Hepar suis 4C
Inter-feron gamma 4C/7C Ling chin mushroom 8X Lymphatic gland, Porcine 4C Paeonia officinalis 3X
Turkey tail 8X
Turmeric 3X

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