Gastritis - Homeopahtic Remedies

Guna Remedies for Gastritis, acute and chronic

  • Specific remedy: GUNA-STOMACH (10 drops every 15-30 minutes in the acute phase; continue with 10 drops 3 times a day for 30-60 days)
  • • Drainage remedy: GUNA-MATRIX (10 drops 3 times a day for 30-60 days)
  • • P.N.E.I. remedy: ANTI AGE STRESS (3 pellets 3 times a day for 30-60 days)

Heel Remedies for Gastritis

  • Diarrheel S as intermediate remedy for meteorism

Ampoule / Injection Therapy

  • Mucosa compositum (regulation of the gastro-intestinal function) once weekly i.m., s.c., i.d.

See also

Ulcers, duodenal and ventricular, gastrocardial syndrome, gastralgia, achylia gastrica, precancerous state, etc.
Gastritis anacidity: see anaemia and achylia gastrica.

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