Oncology - Homeopathic Guna Remedies

Posted on March 25 2017

Guna Remedies - Oncology

Basic Therapy

  • GUNA EMBRYO RERIO  - stage I (30 drops) / stage II (15 drops) /  stage III (15 drops):
Dosage - 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and evening). For biological regulation of cell differentiation and anti-oxidant treatment.

      Additional Remedies

      • GCSF 4CH: 20 drops twice a day (raises the immune system reactivity and sensitivity)
      • INTERLEUKIN - IL 3 4CH: 20 drops twice a day (side effects of chemotherapy and radio-therapy)
      • OMEO GAZ for adjuvant treatment of anemia during chemotherapy
      • GUNA SOMATOSTATIN D6: 20 drops twice a day (for a GH inhibiting action and indirect effect on tumor cell development)
      • SON FORMULA®: 0.4 g/kg of ideal body weight a day (supports protein synthesis; contrasts cancerous cachexia conditions)

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