Citric Acid Cycle Set (Zitronensaurezllaus) Ampoules


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Fields of Application

For the improvement of the enzyme functions which is essential for health.

All diseases classified as cellular phases and which are characterized by defective enzymatic control, blockages and/or defective cellular oxidation, e.g.:

  • Paresis, neuralgia, toxic neuritis, vegetative dystonia, migraine
  • Dermatosis, neurodermitis, pruritus (including pruritus vulvae), psoriasis, vitiligo, pemphigus, sclerosis
  • Bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases.
  • Arthritis, degenerative diseases, chronic diseases.
  • Gastric problems, duodenal ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver and hepatic disorders, pancreopathy.
  • Nephropathy, e.g., nephrosis and chronic nephritis
  • Myocardial impairment, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, cerebral sclerosis
  • Dysfunction and dysregulation of endocrine glands, e.g., diabetes mellitus, dysthyroidism
  • Precancerous and dedifferentiation phases: neoplasm phases) within any tissue whatsoever
  • During and ensuing X-ray and radioactive exposure (several enzymes, are sensitive to radiation)
  • Thrombocytopenia, leucopenia


There are 2 ways of taking the ampoules:


1. Orally -Together all at the Same Time

The 10 ampoules should be placed in a small infusion of 100cc of water, which should be sipped over 30 minutes.


2. Over a 2 Week Period - Subcutaneous Injections or Orally in Water

Week 1 - 2 treatments:-

Injection 1:

Injection 2:

Week 2 - 2 treatments:-

Injection 3:

Injection 4:

N.B. Drink plenty of water when taking this treatment. 

Additional Notes

Injection of the individual acids of the citric acid cycle and/or their salts in the sequence in which they are generated within the cell during the course of metabolism to reach all possibly existing defects, obstructions, and instances of faulty regulation.

It is advisable to inject two to three acids (and/or their salts) simultaneously in the form of a combination injection.

The injections are generally applied 2 x weekly.

Upon completion of a series - i.e., after 4 combination injections (see above) - catalyst therapy may possibly require  a treatment-free interval of 2 to 4 weeks until the injections’ effects have subsided.

During this period, other remedies - e.g Injeels, Homaccords, and combination preparations,etc can be used if required.

During the intake of a homeopathic remedy present symptoms may be temporarily aggravated (initial aggravation).

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