Dr. Reckeweg R15 VITA C15F Tonic (Quincefor), 250ml

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Dr. Reckeweg R15, is no longer available but can be replaced by: Dr. Reckeweg R15 VITA C15 (Relaxant), 250ml


Nervous Exhaustion, Weariness, Mental Conflicts, Insomnia, Lack of energy, easily fatigued, loss of interest in daily activities 

Ingredients: Acid. ascorbic., Decoct. Fruct. Cynosbati, Decoct. Fruct. Sorb. aucupar., extract of Fruct. Citri, Saccharum, Saccharum tostum, Extr. Ginseng, Acid, phosph. D3, Cocculus D5, Helonias dioica D5, Ignatia D5, Sepia D5, Zincum met. D6, Ethanol, Aqua pur.

Due to a larger enrichment with 0.5% of ascorbic acid, it is an excellent cellular as well as humoral activator of the metabolism. Its full tonifying and vitality-stimulating effect has been obtained only after adding the Ginseng.

Mode of action: Considering it pharmacologically, Ginseng contains glucosides, panax acid and an essential oil Panacen, vitamins B1 and B2, estrogenic and sexually stimulating components as well as a glucoside Ginsenin, with a sympathotrophic effect, and mineral components with remarkably high content of sulphur (approx. 0.15%). Probably the tonic effect can be explained with the harmonic interaction of the partial components. However, we attribute the tonifying effect so frequently mentioned by enthusiastic therapists to the content of vitamin B1 (thyamine) and B2 (riboflavine) acting together with the l-ascorbic acid on the most important centres involved in stress-situations.

A) Thyamin acts on cells with an elevated need of carbohydrates (nerve cells), cells with a metabolism based mainly on pyruvic acid (cardiac muscle cells), and nervous tissue that liberates acetyl-choline as the active substance, which transmits the nervous impulses from one nerve to another or on to the effector. Thyamine there inhibits the cholinesterase and increases the effect of acetyl-choline which is very important, as this provokes the splitting up of the highly effective acetyl-choline into much lesser effective choline and acetic acids, as this enzyme has a very high ratio of velocities, the duration of the effect on acetyl-choline is very short.

B) Riboflavine can be found in a large amount in the retina, and most likely takes part in the process of seeing, furthermore it acts in different enzymes, such as cytocrome dehydrogenase, aminooxidases and in the enzymes which are responsible for cellular respiration. Its presence in the retina seems to us the most important factor, as during stress-situations it has been noticed, that there is a decrease of the visual faculty, fogginess and irritations of the eye.

So a well-timed supply of the corresponding vitamin prevents a premature decrease of its level.

C) L-ascorbic acid is the activator of the entire cellular metabolism, including cellular as well as humoral processes, and becomes the real physiological tonic due to its tonifying and vitality-increasing effect, taking part in steroid-hormonal synthesis, Vitamin C has great importance during stress-situations.

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